JoPo & The RiZe

JoPo & The RiZe are a soulful female led Canadian Rock Band, originating in Sudbury, Ontario, with roots extending deep into the Blues, Country and Rockabilly.


Spill Exclusive Video Premiere

In Aug 2017 JoPo teamed up with Shawn Kosmerly of Here Kitty Kitty Productions to produce, direct and shoot JoPo’s new music video for her new single ‘Dog Days of Summer’. 




Cater Creative: JoPo

There’s certain type of creativity that’s born up here in Northern Ontario, maybe it’s the wilderness that surrounds us, or maybe it’s just our resourceful spirit. Whatever the case may be we’re here to shine a spotlight on the innovative artists of all sorts in this big old crater!



From Sudbury to Nashville and Back

by: Sara Harasym

Local singer/songwriter JoPo is getting ready for the launch of her latest album Trip Around The Sun. Juno award-winner Crystal Shawanda produced the album, which was recorded entirely in Nashville. 


JoPo Heading to Nashville

by: Tamara Ischenko, CTV Northern Ontario

CTV interview for JoPo's first trip to Nashville to record a few songs for the upcoming album produced by Juno Award Winning Musician Crystal Shawanda.


new single a tribute to hard rock miners

Nov 27, 2015 4:09 PM by: Heidi Ulrichsen

Joanne Polack (who goes by her lifelong nickname, JoPo) and her husband PJ Larabie may both be musicians, but Larabie is also a safety rep at Vale's Creighton Mine, and works at the 8,000-foot level.


A memory box

Nov 7, 2013 6:28 PM by: Laura Stradiotto, The Sudbury Star

The release of JoPo Acoustic — The RiZe has been a long time coming for the multi-instrumentalist and, judging by her show’s sold-out status, you’d imagine her family, friends and fans were thinking the same.


1- JoPo STC SOLD OUT CD Release Poster.jpg